Monday, April 11, 2011

I've moved

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Now I know...

Now I know why mothers are deemed "over protective."
Now I know why mothers intuition is so important.
Now I know so much more than before because,
Now, I am a mother.

I love so much about being my little girl's mom. Genevieve is my joy, bundled in a little body. I enjoy every moment with her, knowing how quickly she is growing and changing.

Doing what is best for my daughter has caused me to make some decisions that go against the grain of society, but I am not going to waiver. I am her voice, her advocate, her protector... her mother.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Forever and a day...

I haven't been blogging... perhaps because it was easier to write a quick sentence here and there on Facebook. Well, excuses are just excuses. I need to write more so I can remember more! My sweet baby girl is 2 months already!! Here are some milestones:

* Smiles, a lot (since week one), and smiles when she recognizes her Daddy or I
*Drools a lot... teething early maybe?
*Eats very well, every 2-4 hours
*Holds her neck up by herself
*Coos and "talks" in a high pitched ramble
*Wears size 3 month clothing... not for much longer though!
*As of 07/01, she weighed 11 lbs... I'm thinking it's more like 11.5 to 12 lbs now

The blessing of breastfeeding is amazing. I love bonding with my baby, and feeding her the absolute best possible "food" she could have. It was also pretty easy for us to adjust, taking Genevieve and about five days to really work together effectively and painlessly. Can I just complain just a second? Ok, I'm getting a little tired for waking up several times a night. Complaint over.

We are going to take 2 month photos today, outside at J St. Can't wait!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thursday, April 30, 2009

2 days or 2 weeks?

My ticker says that I have 2 days.... the Dr says probably longer. I have zero progress (zero dilation). Of course this could change at any time, and I am doing everything in my power to assist in progress. We went walking today... all day. I was tired when we got home to say the least. Mickey and I both fell asleep minutes after we arrived to our house. My legs are still tired actually and I am walking like I've been riding a horse all day.

So please pray that Genevieve does not take too much longer! We want to meet her and it would be nice that she would come out sooner than later. I don't want to have to be induced either. It is a bit scary to think of her coming and getting sick. The swine flu phobia is rampant, especially since we are so close to the boarder. It's not really the swine flu that I am worried about though, becuase most people don't have it, haha. I would like to steralize my entire house and everyone who comes to visit the baby if possible... but it's not realistic. I'm thinking we will just provide generous amounts of antibacterial hand gel to anyone who touches her (and me!)... and be sure to protect Genevieve with us if you are sick! Thank you, we love you all and can't wait for the baby's arrival!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

9 months and not done yet!

It is common to hear people discuss pregnancy as being a 9 month journey... well it is more like 10 usually. Women are pregnant for approximately 40 weeks, divided by 4, you get 10. So, I'm at 36 weeks, 1 day today; potentially 27+/- days to go. I do feel my hips experiencing more pressure, and my feet have been swelling in the evening... not much else has changed though!

I will be packing my hospital bag today: comfortable clothes to go home in (I got a cute outfit from Forever 21), chapstick, socks, snacks for Mickey, and a few more things.

Monday Rachael and I are hanging out. I need a Baby shower dress!! I also need to spend quality sister time with her. Looking forward to Sharon coming down from college soon too!

Friday I will pack the baby's bag and Mickey will work on installing the carseat (if we get one at the shower). Some people do these much earlier in pregnancy; I felt like I didn't really have time until now. Day 1 of materinity leave provided so much stress relief and the ability to clearly identify my speficic goals for the next few days.

I'm feeling the nesting itch. I have done a few things here and there the last few weeks of pregnancy, but there is still much I would like to accomplish before Genevieve arrives. We have been given a whole wardrobe of clothing already. I need to wash everything and orgnaize it. Part of me anticipates doing this becuase I really enjoy looking at all the cute clothes and imagining our baby wearing the outfits. I should post some pictures of the clothes- that will be something you guys can look forward to seeing in my next blog. And don't worry, it will not be a whole month before I post again!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Jumping bean

My baby girl is quite active this morning. She is quite an early bird! Well... she is also a night owl... I'm starting to think that she is going to be awake, a lot, when she arrives.

Our first Lamaze class was yesterday. Thank God for free classes! We were not sure where on the Southwestern College campus that building 1680 was, and ended up parking about a mile from the class; so we were able to get a good hike out of the evening as well. Our instructor is really kind... one of those teachers who speaks with a calm voice and enunciates every word, using her hands while talking. There were about 25 other couples there, spread around the four walls of the room. Everyone had brought a blanket, and one or two pillows. My question is, who told alllll of them to bring that stuff?? Because whoever that was, totally forgot to tell me. We just brought a water bottle, haha. There were several young couples who were our age, and only about half of them were married. Also, 99% of the women were due around the same time as me... and their bellies were huge compared to mine. It was almost embarrassing... the difference. Mickey was quick to make me feel comfortable and said, "that girl over there is small like you." He knew how I was feeling. I hope to talk to "girl-with-small-belly" next class.

There was the typical "comment-girl" who overly participated... she answered every question with authority becuase this is her second pregnancy and her second time in Lamaze. She was also overly excited... I thought. Maybe I was just tired and irritable. There was also the typical "class clown" who interjected with funny comments and questions. I liked his question about sympathy pains. "Are those things real, those sympathy pains??" He said it was more hungry and more irritable since his "baby-mama" became pregnant. Did you know there is a physiological explanation for this? She said that when men kiss their pregnant wife (or baby-mama) that he is exposed to her hormones and they effect his body chemistry. WOW! This makes a lot of since.

We also learned about how a woman's anatomy changes throughout pregnancy. The funniest part, to me, is the difference in the size of the bladder. Epically when the baby "drops" late in pregnancy, the bladder shrinks to an almost flat size. The instructor said, "once your baby drops and you are late in pregnancy, you will be eating more, cleaning more, and resting more... all while sitting on the toilet." I thinking I will need to buy one of those cushioned seats!